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Faux marble is perhaps the most decadent and luxurious of all the faux finishes and is definitely one of the most popular. There are dozens and dozens or different types of marble, each with their own intricacies and form. Some of the most popular hand painted marbles are Sienna, Vert de Mer and Carrera.

Effects Wall Painting 

We provide European style marble paint effects in a wide range of colours and designs as shown below in our sample pictures. This elegant effect captures the rich lustre of natural marble stone, leaving an absorbing yet reflecting effect. Ultimate painting and design would inspire a luxurious and stylish atmosphere of your place.

Marbling is the art of painting multi-coloured swirled or stone-like patterns onto Walls or Columns. It involves painting an egg shell base onto the entire area then sponging a marble-like finish, layer on layer until the desired result is achieved.

All those require a high level of skills in application and a range of high-quality paint products. As an experienced expert, AAA Painting will deliver these great services to you with passion of excellence.